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As we very slowly spring ahead toward a Summer that doesn't want to start, please take a moment to check out some of my favorite recent projects. If you want to see random photos of motorcycles, a 10 year old that sometimes has temporary neck tattoos and maybe people swimming, follow me on Instagram.

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I had the last 2 cover stories for Boston Magazine. June is Linda Henry of the Boston Globe. May was Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric. For Linda, we got to go all over the Morrissey Blvd. location of the Globe before they move out. We scouted the press room, the archives, the loading docks, the helipad and the room where all the writers have been pounding out history for years. It was so cool. Linda was totally game to pose by the ink covered presses and even climb down a ladder onto the roof for the portraits. Jeff Immelt was a big guy in height and presence . We only had a few minutes with him, but his smile in the one selected for the cover says a lot. Thanks to Eric and Toan. they are 2 of the many people that make Boston Magazine look as cool as it is.

This photo was shot for the story GANJACHUSETTS in the June issue of Boston. Kris Krane and his company are going to turn this 65,000 Sq Ft warehouse in Worcester into a growing, cooking and retail distribution center for recreational marijuana. 

For the Power in Business feature of Boston Magazine in the May issue I got to spend some time with big timers of Boston Business. Top to Bottom Lee Pelton President of Emerson College, Jason Robbins CEO of DraftKings, Amy Latimore President of TD Garden and Jody Adams Restauranteur 

Kripa Varanasi of Liquiglide and MIT for Technology Review. Kripa has developed a way to coat containers in a way to reduce waste. From toothpaste to large scale manufacturing, big conservation can happen in small steps.  

I got to shoot some talented Doctor's for Fresenius Healthcare under the direction of Julie Vail of Marquis Design.  The schedule was hectic, I shot in 4 states in 3 days, helped arrange photographers in 9 other states and in the end, Julie and her team put together a beautiful piece of print material. Thanks to Ryan at Fresenius, Julie for the trust and Rebecca, Todd and Andrea for the help on the shoots. 

I got to shoot the CEO of SIEMENS Joe Kaeser for German magazine WirtschaftsWoche. Rebecca Rodriguez and I set up a makeshift studio in the hall of the Convention Center and had about 5 minutes with Joe and his robotic spider. 

A powerful story about Boston Firefighters and the cancer risks they face by going to work. Glenn Preston and Michelle Kanler thank you for being in the article and for sharing your stories. Thanks also to Eric and Toan at Boston Magazine for the assignment.


Recent portrait for Science Magazine (and the top photo also ran in TIME magazine)  George Church, a leading CRISPR scientist. If you haven't heard the Radiolab story about CRISPR you have to check it out.

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